In this very unique year where we can participate in events virtually from around the globe, we’ve turned our focus to our collective mission instead of geography and date. The event you have known for 13 years as the Morris Township Thanksgiving Day 5K Turkey Trot is now the…

In our 14th year, our goal is the same as always – support the Literacy Volunteers of Morris County as they teach residents to READ, help the Interfaith Food Pantry as they FEED residents in need, and keep each one of us fit with our annual holiday RUN.

Step 1: Register yourself or your Fund-racing team!

Register yourself or start a fund-racing team! Teams can consist of family, friends, clubs, coworkers, or any other group you can rally! Make sure you add your team name when you sign up. Prizes for the largest team and the most creative team!

Step 2: Choose your distance.

Create your own Trot experience. Take on our traditional Thanksgiving Day 5K run or walk (in your own neighborhood this year) or challenge yourself to a little extra in the month prior to the event. Between 10/26 and 11/26 how far can you go? We are asking you to get off your couch and create your own marathon!  Whether you choose to take an extra 26 steps a day, walk 26 miles in a month,  run a double marathon,  or create a team to compete,  this year, our Virtual Turkey Trot is your Turkey Trot. Fight Hunger. Promote Literacy and Get Fit.

Step 3: Track your Miles, Join the Challenges and Be a Fund-Racer!

Click on the button below to set up your own webpage to track your miles, join challenges and be a Fund-Racer for the Interfaith Food Pantry Network and The Literacy Volunteers of Morris County!

Step 4: Gear up.

Register by October 7th to have your tee in time for Marathon Miles Challenge Kick-Off on October 26th! Register by November 6th to have your tee in time for our Thanksgiving Day Virtual 5K Kick-Off!

NEW this year upgrade to a color tech tee. Men’s and Women’s styles available.

Download and personalize (or decorate) your event bib number. Pin it on and wear it as you log miles or activities in your neighborhood. Let people know you support the Read Feed Run initiative!

Step 5: Let the World Know!

Follow us on Facebook to get up to date challenge information and share all the pictures and videos of you and your team completing the weekly challenges. Don’t forget to tag us @readfeedrun and use #readfeedrun in all your posts!



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